94 Pound Bag Of Cement

Don't return 'em to me; we don't take them back. an 80# bag of regular concrete mix is .66 cubic foot. that is the size of the bag, and has nothing to do with the weight.. More details: http://goo.gl/ruzv3u get the price of how many bag of cement needed for 600 square feet concrete: http://goo.gl/ruzv3u sbm as one of the. One cubic meter of concrete equals 30 bags(approximately) the exact answer is 28.8 bags of 50kg cement bags. typical portland cement has a density of 94 lbs/cubic. All prices posted on web site are subject to change without prior notice and are not guaranteed. It depends on the weight of the bag. to calculate the volume of any bag we need to know the density. in freshly packed bags the standard density is 94 lbs/ft3 (1505. I bought this for a concrete countertop section which has about 1.2 cu ft of concrete. i used one pound in the mix and the result was slightly darker than the natural.

Concrete Sidewalk or Pavement

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Calcium Chloride Ice Melt

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Award: 2010 Mountain Modern

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One cubic meter concrete equals 30 bags(approximately) exact answer 28.8 bags 50kg cement bags. typical portland cement density 94 lbs/cubic. All prices posted web site subject change prior notice guaranteed. It depends weight bag. calculate volume bag density. freshly packed bags standard density 94 lbs/ft3 (1505. I bought concrete countertop section 1.2 cu ft concrete. pound mix result slightly darker natural.

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