Ben Drowned Lemon

Jeff the killer x reader lemon"how you get this fucking dirty from playing in the snow, ill never know" i poured more water on the grinning dog.. It's complicated-ben x jeff fanfic (yaoi warning)ben paced the room over and over with each step the sound of his feet on the wood growing louder.. Ben drowned x reader lemon"oh for fucks sake!" i threw the controller to the floor. "im done. im fucking. done." the door opened and the link look alike stepped in. Sweat and bruises- jeff the killer x reader{lemon}sweat and tangled limbs. she'd let out a gasp when he'd dragged his blade across her bare back.. Item #1, [a knife (jeff the killer)]your hand snaked around inside the hat, feeling a whole meangerie of trinkets and objects. suddenly, your hand brushed up against. Ben drowned x reader || you still love me ..right? ___~ your name you were playing pokémon on your ds when ben came into your room. sometimes ben was chill, but on.

Pokemon Silver

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Ben Drowned

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Ben drowned reader lemon" fucks sake!" threw controller floor. "im . im fucking. ." door opened link alike stepped . Sweat bruises- jeff killer reader{lemon}sweat tangled limbs. ' gasp ' dragged blade bare .. Item #1, [ knife (jeff killer)] hand snaked hat, feeling meangerie trinkets objects. suddenly, hand brushed . Ben drowned reader || love ..? ___~ playing pokémon ds ben room. ben chill, .

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