Change Boot Loader Windows 8

This tutorial will show you how to find boot.ini in windows 8. boot.ini. windows nt loader or ntdlr uses boot.ini file to create a list of operating system options to. How to change boot screen on windows xp - windows 7 - windows 8 & 8.1 and change logo image on windows 8 & 8.1 for the windows 7 you need this soft ware. How do i set the bootloader so that in my dualboot with windows 7/ubuntu 11.04, windows start up as standard instead of ubuntu?. I want to change the boot priority in windows 8 to cd and how do i do that? also how do i make my internal hard disk the boot priority again?. Hello, how to change boot option to cd/dvd.. i want to install ubuntu using cd. but it i didn't find boot option how to change to cd/dvd... I have just installed windows-8 preview twice, because at first i accidentally installed it at the wrong partition and now i have got 2 entries with windows-8 in the.

How set bootloader dualboot windows 7/ubuntu 11.04, windows start standard ubuntu?. I change boot priority windows 8 cd ? internal hard disk boot priority ?. Hello, change boot option cd/dvd.. install ubuntu cd. find boot option change cd/dvd... I installed windows-8 preview , accidentally installed wrong partition 2 entries windows-8 .

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