Eyeless Jack X Reader Lemon

Questions (eyeless jack x reader)you know how people say when you look into someone's eyes you can see right to their souls? but what happens when that person dosn. Creepypasta x reader: my room (lost silver)21. nothing bad. you started to walk through the corridor in the left and heard a noise behind you.. Jeff the killer x reader (1/2)it was a normal day for you. wake up, go into the woods, annoy the hell out of slender man. you didn't understand why the tall being. Ben drowned (x reader poem)you were all by yourself staring up at a dark grey sky with your ears of an elf you heard my sigh your eyes of black they turn to me. Eclipse, a laughing jack x reader story! hello! sooooooooooooooooo, i have read laughing jack x reader fanfiction on here and i thought, ‘i should make my own!’. Creepypasta jeff the killer x reader lemon!!!"click" the small sound woke you from your deep sleep. you shook it off instantly knowing where the sound came from..

Eyeless Jack X Reader Lemon

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Jeff the killer,slenderman,and eyeless jack

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Jeff X Eyeless Jack

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Jeff killer reader (1/2) normal day . wake , woods, annoy hell slender man. understand tall . Ben drowned ( reader poem) staring dark grey sky ears elf heard sigh eyes black turn . Eclipse, laughing jack reader story! ! sooooooooooooooooo, read laughing jack reader fanfiction thought, ‘ !’. Creepypasta jeff killer reader lemon!!!"click" small sound woke deep sleep. shook instantly knowing sound ..

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