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England x seme!male reader - i can't believe this! "arthur! please hurry up! they're at the door!" "yes,mum!" arthur had just finished putting on his favorite sweater. Water park male reader x boyfriend natsu(i don't own anything from fairy tail or any references i make) warning yaoi boy x boy natsu: woohoo water park day. Sesshomaru x reader {inuyasha} chapter two"i remember tears streaming down your face when i said, "i'll never let you go" when all those shadows almost killed your light.. Sasuke uchiha x punk!reader chapter 2---you wake up the next morning, still in your outfit from last night. a sigh escaped your lips. you looked out your door, seeing. Neji x reader: you look cute when you smile you and neji have been walking non-stop and you were starting to get really tired. "neji-san, can we rest for a bit please?". Browse through and view our collection of popular sasuke quizzes, stories, and other creations. create your own and share in minutes.

Sai Naruto

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SasuSaku Hot

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Hinata X Kiba Lemon Naruhina lemon -translated- by

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Sesshomaru reader {inuyasha} chapter " remember tears streaming face , " " shadows killed light.. Sasuke uchiha punk!reader chapter 2--- wake morning, outfit night. sigh escaped lips. looked door, . Neji reader: cute smile neji walking -stop starting tired. "neji-san, rest bit ?". Browse view collection popular sasuke quizzes, stories, creations. create share minutes.

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