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Tomato thief sasuke x reader “i just don't think the risk is worth it, we should look somewhere else.” after a long sip of water, suigetsu notice that sasuke wasn. Naruto x reader: ramen dateyou were sitting on one of the stools at ichiraku ramen resting your elbows on the long table that stretched across the small shop.. Modern!sasuke x reader (field trip ) sasuke x reader. a high school field trip was all you had to look forward to that day. how annoying, you threw your bubble. The relationship between uchiha sasuke and uzumaki naruto is one of the most popular pairings in the naruto fandom. in western fandom it is probably the most popular.. Shikamaru x little!reader shikamaru slept peacefully in his bed, until it was disturbed by something poking his cheek. he groaned and looked to his side to find. Beach: sasuke x reader: beach volleyball"i challenge you to a game of volleyball!" naruto pointed a finger at sasuke, eyes blaring with fiery determination..

Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel

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Sesshomaru X Reader Lemon

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Beach: sasuke reader: beach volleyball" challenge game volleyball!" naruto pointed finger sasuke, eyes blaring fiery determination.. The anti-sasusaku fc apply ? (check apply) . "sakura . sasuke care girls point life. Fanfiction links note!!! fic list longer updated!!!!! add fic sasuke yaoi club, post deviant art account. “ uchiha?” questioned knew sasuke . time sharingun user sought. Playing dead deidara reader deidara watched stuffed small, black bag full necessities. days earlier, idea popped .

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