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Asahina brothers reader - part1 otaku-chibi-chan , Uchiha sasuke x reader oneshot sasuke sat in the hospital. holding a fragile, limp body closely to him. hot tears rolled down his cheeks. silent cries, sobs, pleads. How (sabaku gaara reader) , Because (sabaku no gaara x reader) [1/2] you walked out of your house and felt the sun tickling your skin. you closed one eye and held a hand against your forehead.. Fanfic/nareto: scret shiobi - television tropes, Nareto: the scret of shiobi is a fan fic by rosehokagegirlx47. it was originally posted on, but has since been taken down. prior to that, it proved.

SasuSaku SasuSaku Manga Fanfiction

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Narutoxreader-club deviantart gallery, How (shikamaru ino reader sakura)-songfic-ohh oooo wooh nooo laying grass training grounds panting . Beach: naruto reader: cramp connnnie deviantart, Beach: sasuke reader: beach volleyball" challenge game volleyball!" naruto pointed finger sasuke, eyes blaring fiery determination.. Tonfa :: original naruto fanfic archive, Any naruto fanfiction main plot orientating sex couples..

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