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Naruto reader gaara: game play , Beach: sasuke x reader: beach volleyball"i challenge you to a game of volleyball!" naruto pointed a finger at sasuke, eyes blaring with fiery determination.. Naruto reader world? chapter 1 storyreaders , Naruto x reader 3 days straight?? chapter 5you woke up after the hospital and naruto left. "i guess i'm feeling better." you changed your clothes and left the hospital.. Naruto character reader- bath (chara. choice) , Bath: orochimaru x reader 2you followed kabuto through the weaving, stone-cold hallway, arriving outside a wooden door. he stopped and fumbled with a chain of metal.

fanfic one shots (reader)

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these are just 2 pages i was to lame to put 'em all

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Sasuke ! reader blue -divine deviantart, Naruto ! reader“sasuke-kun! grab !” sakura yelled chased girl armed paper bomb kunai. sasuke appeared puff. Sasuke reader: classroom confessions japankikukitty, Naruto reader: ramen dateyou sitting stools ichiraku ramen resting elbows long table stretched small shop.. Sasuke reader - heat [drabble] pandiininja deviantart, Prompt: heat pairing: sasuke uchiha reader word length: 300 “ classroom, sasuke?” “. ’.

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